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Music oh hey guys what is up and welcome to my channel if you're new and have bright face productions don't be shy go and subscribe click on the bill for notifications if you're not new welcome back so first off I hope everybody had a good point of July celebrating Independence Day about fireworks but time with the family just had a good time but straight to the field we got some news some great news right off the press I think it's great news but we got a new summer uniform coming out for for soldiers in the army so this new summer uniform is D let me see if I get this right the improvised hot weather combat uniform but and I know there's a group of soldiers that's probably going to have a reaction up great this is something else I'm gonna have to buy something else I've had to spend my own money on that's not the case this uniform is totally optional it can be worn in lieu of the AC use throughout the duty day and but and if you're already wearing this uniform police put some input down in the comment box below let people know what is up with this new uniform but here on for Littlewood aren't clothing themselves we don't have this uniform yet so and I don't think we're gonna get it but anyway yeah if you're wearing it I like to hear your input so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to play a video and this video is going to talk about the features and pretty much all the details with this new uniform and before I forget in the description box I'm actually going to post the a low-rank message that was put out by big army that talks about it it's all the verbage covering this new change regarding the summon uniform so if you want to see the verbage it's look forward in the description box but let's go ahead and check out this video right put on my hip bones whether combat uniform yeah sure so the improved hot weather combat uniform is different in both material and design than the current ACU materialised this has a 5743 percent nylon cotton blends allows it to be slightly thinner but stronger material and that allows it to also you can thin that fabric out lighter weight breeze faster dries quicker as well the collar is a standard collar as opposed to the Mandarin has a Raglan style shoulder or baseball jersey shoulder again that gives you more flexibility and less seams of fabric which just hold moisture and heat the pocket has a open fastener on the the top portion of the shoulder sleeve pocket instead of a front fastener with a zipper which is on the current ACU there's no breast pockets on this uniform soldiers really didn't need that because in the field it's covered up in kit and it just acts as a insulation that they don't need traps moisture there's a 330 done your nylon swatch of fabric on the elbow for reinforcement and comfort soldiers really like that when they're in the prone in the field now moving down to the pants or the...